Deion Sanders’ Ex Wife Carolyn & Tracey Edmonds Celebrate Pilar Getting Kicked Out


These women are too old for all of this.

Pilar, Carolyn, Tracey, the fake Aunt, The Baby Dee friend and etc.

Just read the headline SLOWLY and you should realize how stupid they look. Why is Carolyn celebrating? Deion left her and their two kids for Pilar, but she is still carrying that torch a decade later ( has info on who she is dating now and how it has something to do with Superhead).

Her anger seems to be toward Pilar, but she didn’t put a bullet to Deion’s head and say leave your wife and kids for me, so maybe that anger should be deflected elsewhere.

Tracey Edmonds publicly celebrating a mother being separated from her kids.

That is so classy.

The entire thing is a mess and has been played out in social media. It has shown the ugly side of celebrity marriages and how people will do anything for their 15 minutes of fame.

They should be ashamed of themselves.


  1. These whores are so Jealous of Pilar, not of her circumstances but of her beauty, they only get press when they are bashing her, and that Ugly stepdaughter, I would drag Pilar too if thats the only way people would notice me, they are just playing the game. Tracey is a bit of a whore tho.

  2. lol is this Carolyn? bitch you made the biggest media blitch you could, its just that nobody cared cuz ur not relevant like pilar

  3. All yall stupid worried about somebody’s life and most of yall ain’t saints and don’t have your life in order just silly sweep around your on front door before you try to sweep around somebody else door you don’t even really know them fools lol

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