Deion Sanders Explains Why He Tweeted His Sons Filing Police Report Against Pilar Sanders

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A Complete Recap of Pilar Sanders vs. Deion Sanders Divorce Drama

One of the things people were critical of Deion Sanders about was making the latest altercation public which led to the arrest of Pilar Sanders.

Deion explained to Good Morning America why he felt the need to bring his personal drama to Twitter.

The  former Dallas Cowboys star says he did what he had to do – including tweeting pictures of him and his sons filing out police reports – in order to protect his very public, all-star image.

“I can’t be alleged the guy that’s lost his mind,” Sanders said today on ” Good Morning America.” “That’s not who I am or what I am. I’m opening up schools. I’m doing many things for the community. I have endorsements.”

“My son came and said, ‘Daddy, mommy’s called the ambulance, she’s getting to the ambulance, nothing is wrong with her.’ I said, ‘Oh my god, that’s the last thing that I want to see is the first thing the public hear is that I’ve abused my wife,'” Sanders said.

“So sporadically, and quickly, we said, you know, we got to really tell our side of the story first and get it out there and that’s where it came from,” he said of his tweets.

“I’m not happy, I’m not going to say I’m proud, but that’s the truth,” Sanders said. “When you have an allegation that I’ve hit you, that I’ve touched you, that I’ve assaulted you? That’s straight-up ignorant.”

“You’re just hearing about one incident. There have been several incidents,” Sanders said on “GMA.” “When these police reports come out you’re really going to see a pattern, a pattern of the ignorance and it’s crazy.”

It is probably best that Pilar doesn’t come back to the home.

In a battle of he said/she said who knows what really is the truth. It is normally somewhere in the middle, but I see Deion’s point that if the first information we heard was about Pilar getting into an ambulance, public perception wouldn’t have been on his side.

Hopefully, this is the last incident and the divorce can be settled amicably.

3 thoughts on “Deion Sanders Explains Why He Tweeted His Sons Filing Police Report Against Pilar Sanders

  • May 3, 2012

    In reference to the Sanders incidents this couple is having
    serious marital problems. Just because he aired his marital
    problems does not make him right. Having
    his sons sign legal documents against their mother should
    not be an option. Pilar is still their mother.
    What does community service and a tour of their mansion prove? Who cares that he bought his mother-in-law a house.
    THINGS, THINGS, THINGS don’t determine a person’s character People live entirely different lives behind
    closed doors.

    I recommend family counseling even if divorce is selected.
    Consult clergy that will be neutral. They both need supportive individuals to listen to this spider web of he did she did.Both sides need to be heard. The children don’t need to be brain washed with the image of their mom as the bad guy and vice-versa.

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