Deion Sanders Ordered to Pay $10.5k Monthly Support, $275k Lawyer Fees & House For Pilar


Pilar wanted more (Pilar Sanders Wants $24k a Month in Child Support).

But, this should be enough for now.

A Collin County judge has ordered ex-Cowboy Deion Sanders to pay child support, mortgage payments on Pilar Sanders’ new home, and more in attorney fees.

Deion Sanders will pay around $10,500 a month in child and spousal support payments and a $3,500 mortgage payment for Pilar Sanders’ new home until the divorce is finalized.

The judge also ordered Deion to pay $275,000 in attorney fees for Pilar’s attorneys.

They worked out the custody of the kids and the rest of the divorce will be handle via arbitration.

Must be the Money………………



  1. Seriously, for the number of kids they have and no details of a pre-nup, he got off easy..13k/month total (counting her mortgage), no other cash other than the lawyers fees, keeping the BIG house and he gets back all the stuff she stole from the house…psh Prime got off lite..

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