DeSean Jackson Has New Contract So He Bought Himself a BIG DIAMOND CHAIN (Photo)


It is his money.

If DeSean Jackson wants to buy a big ass T-Pain style chain more power to him.


Never Forget, that you can’t play forever and you could easily end up like……….

Hope the investment in the Chain was worth it, curious what happens when DeSean no longer plays for the Eagles?


  1. Thank God for Google and common sense!!! I got the same email that Adam P. got EXCEPT it was from a THOMAS KRAMER and the company name was FUSED FOCUS (Googling that name came up with NOTHING!)otherwise the address and phrasing were the same,oh boy if I were the Queen of the world, I would round up all of these phucking scammers and ship them to their own desert island with all the other scumbags and let them ROT there,and TELEVISE it!!If you can sit and devise schemes like these, then your azz can get a phucking job or do something legitimate!!

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