DeSean Jackson Unfairly Harassed by Cop During Traffic Stop (Photos)

Everyone should know by now that there are cops who like to harass individuals and abuse their power. Being an celebrity or entertainer can sometime be to your benefit and other times it can be a detriment.

DeSean Jackson is no choir boy, but in this case it appears he was harassed for no good reason besides being DeSean Jackson in a flashy car.

According to our sources, DeSean was on his way to a church in Philadelphia when he was pulled over by a state trooper. We’re told the trooper seemed to recognize DeSean and began acting very rudely towards him.

Our sources say the trooper told DeSean he pulled him over for having tinted windows and suspected him of driving drunk. We’re told the trooper ordered DeSean to perform a field sobriety test.

A witness on the scene tells TMZ the trooper was very rough towards DeSean and was yelling at him the entire time. The witness says DeSean never gave the trooper an attitude and followed his instructions at all times.

Eventually, we’re told the trooper let DeSean go without a ticket and he made his way to the Triumph Baptist Church in Philly, where the event was being held. DeSean founded the DeSean Jackson Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer after his father died from it in 2009.

All this happened around 9am in the morning.

DeSean was targeted because of the car and once the officer recognized who he was, decided this would be a good opportunity to get his 15 minutes of fame if he could catch DeSean doing something illegal.

It appears he was trying to egg him on to take an aggressive stance.

Good for DeSean that he kept his cool and kept it moving. I hope the officer is disciplined if what is being alleged is true.

3 thoughts on “DeSean Jackson Unfairly Harassed by Cop During Traffic Stop (Photos)

  • You know what…? If you are clean…No problems. Officers who make minimum wage want to get the BIG BUST…Screw them. Do not drive drunk or high…Do not give them the advantage. C’mon folks…We all indulge time and again. Do not give the cops any opportunity to screw you.

  • That’s my home state for you. Cops down that area pull people over all the time. It’s a shame though that someone is targeted because they are a successful football player.

  • Ha Ha Ha! Black people getting harassed by there own kind! Some how this is probably the white mans fault!

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