Did a Woman Sell Her Virginity on Ebay For a Pair of Jordans? (Photo)

My job isn’t to just randomly throw stuff out there.

It is to give you the proper information and let you make your own decisions. My personal belief is this isn’t true, for a couple of reasons.

First, I doubt Ebay would put the listing up even though in the past virginity listing have slid the cracks. Secondly, the alleged listing was on March 20th, 2012 so we have no way of verifying if it actually happened or not. Lastly, it appears the user name is adidassistah00. No seller going by that name is listed on EBAY and also I find it odd that someone would have an adidas handle but asking for Jordans.

Granted I have no way of knowing that it isn’t true and it appears Jermain Taylor wasn’t aware of it either because she had zero bids at the time this screen shot was taken.

You have the evidence, you make the final call.

2 thoughts on “Did a Woman Sell Her Virginity on Ebay For a Pair of Jordans? (Photo)

  • There are females who have given their virginity away for nothing……

  • lol ADIDAS name is because it stands for “All Day I Dream About Sex”. Funny, with a name like that I doubt she’s a virgin. lol

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