Dwyane Wade Told Coach Erik Spoelstra to “Get Out My F*cking Face”


Dwyane Wade didn’t have that great of a year, by Dwyane Wade standards. It was good year, it was an All-Star year, but it wasn’t a Dwyane Wade year.

The reasons for that, you can speculate yourself, but he did not play like a Top 5 player in the NBA this year.

Lebron is the consensus best player in the league, when Wade is playing at Top 5 level and Bosh Top 20, that is when they are a dangerous team.

But, when Bosh is out and Wade is playing like a Top 20 player instead of a Top 5 player. the Heat are just a good team and a very beatable one.

You can’t have a player acting like this toward his coach.

With 3:51 left in the third quarter of Game 3, Heat captain Dwyane Wade went to the bench after a Heat timeout to stop halt another surge by the upstart Pacers. Things got ugly. Head Coach Erik Spoelstra gave Wade an earful. Here is video of the incident. The Miami Herald claims to have overheard the conversation.

There was a frustration that boiled over in the third quarter as a team dreaming of an NBA championship was helpless to stop its own collapse.

Coach Erik Spoelstra approached Dwyane Wade during a timeout, as if to place his hand on the player’s shoulder.

“Get out of my [expletive] face!” Wade snapped.

Wade ran out Stan Van Gundy, so don’t be surprised if he does it to Coach Spo as well. Wade has a championship ring which gives him a level of protection in the media.

With that being said, his Game 3 performance though was pathetic and I am not just talking about the shot selection but the effort. The reason Lebron went to the Heat was because he thought he could depend on Wade.

I am wondering if he is rethinking that decision?