Shaq to Interview for Magic’s GM Job

This is being reported by ESPN’s Chris Broussard.

A lot of people make fun of Broussard’s sources, but I am sure he say something as outlandish as this unless he was confident in his source.

If you looking at this glass half full, this is just a token interview to drum up some publicity for the Magic.  If you looking at it glass half empty you are thinking……….


I hope they don’t think Shaq is a real doctor.  Even if he was a real doctor what is his qualifications to run a NBA team, besides being wrong that Andrew Bynum is better than Dwight Howard.

I actually hope they hire him, will make Michael Jordan look like Jerry West.

Our friends at Larry Brown Sports has another twist to the story.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: Aren’t Shaq and Howard enemies? Apparently not.

Broussard reports that the “two privately have a friendly relationship and often send text messages to one another.” Shaq reportedly has been a confidante for Howard this season, and they apparently bonded over their issues with Stan Van Gundy, who also coached O’Neal in Miami.

If Shaq has been advising Dwight, that would explain why he has handle the situation so badly and this is the guy you want running your team?