Floyd Mayweather Wins Easy, But Doesn’t Win Easy Against Miguel Cotto

Boxers are on borrowed time.

Even the elite ones, no matter how great they are know the clock is ticking. I think Mayweather know his clock is close to midnight.

One of the great things about Mayweather is that as he has gotten older he has adjusted his style. Most fighters can’t do that, they fight one way and if that is shut down their careers normally shut down with it.

This isn’t the Floyd who destroyed Diego Corrales or even the Floyd who KOed Ricky Hatton. This is something different, this is Batman when he hit 40 and he to become more of a detective than fighter. To be honest this Mayweather is more interesting, because there is a little doubt on if his next fight will be the fight someone finally solves the riddle.

Miguel Cotto had the right game plan. He just couldn’t quite execute it efficiently enough. Between the 6th and 8th rounds Cotto had people believing that he could win the fight. He was landing his jab, snapping off combinations and bully Floyd in the corner.

Floyd was bleeding and it was like seeing Superman bleed. I have seen every Floyd Mayweather fight in the last decade I don’t recall him ever bleeding or even been bruised, so it was a bit shocking. But something funny happened after that. Mayweather saw the camera looking at him in between rounds and he smiled.

It wasn’t a smile of arrogance or a nervous smile, it was a smile like………..

“They think he got me now, but they just don’t know……”

From rounds 9-12 also known as the Championship rounds, he didn’t lose on a single scorecard and in the 12th round he blew away Cotto to leave no doubt who won the fight.

Cotto couldn’t slay the dragon, but the dragon is getting closer. He may have given the next Dragon the blueprint, we won’t know until the next fight.

The question in boxing will always be does the fighter get out of the game, before the the “Tarver Punch” comes?

Only time will tell with Floyd Mayweather, but father time and a blind right hook is creeping closer.