Heat Fans Will Be Wearing Shirts That Spell Out H.E.A.T. for Game 1

As we have covered here before, the Miami Heat are an organization that tends to be at the forefront of fashion and marketing. Some things work, like their “Back in Black” nights and some that just don’t take off, like Dwyane Wade’s recent Pink Pants/Wonder Woman bangle look

One thing the Miami Heat have been doing in the playoffs for a long time has been giving away t-shirts so the whole arena is a solid color. They have done the “Back in Black” for the playoffs, and several times they have done the “White Hot Heat”, including the last two seasons. It even led to funny moment after the 2006 championship when team owner Micky Arison meant to tell a very diverse Miami fan base to “Stay White Hot” but instead told them to “Stay White”.

But now it seems everybody is doing it. Oklahoma City has their very cool looking sea of blue and Indiana has their OK looking but horrible sounding “Gold Swagger”, so Miami has decided to try something different. For Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, fans will have an individual letter to spell out HEAT draped on their seat. The letters seem big enough, but no telling how this will translate on television. I imagine that wide shots will look like just a sea of white, but courtside shots should look pretty cool.

I think it would be cool if the one whole section spelled out each letter with certain fans wearing red shirts. Maybe for the finals.

Of course, tonight’s promotion opens up an opportunity for fans to get creative and see what they can spell with a group of their friends.

I’ll start the bidding with EAT THAT.

[H/T and pictures courtesy of @WillManso Sports Director, WPLG Miami]

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