Heat Juwan Howard Goes After Pacers Lance Stephenson During Shootaround

This shouldn’t be Juwan Howard going after Lance Stephenson, this should be Lebron James.

If your goon is 74 year old Juwan Howard, that is a problem.


Juwan Howard tried to go after Stephenson on Saturday.

As the Heat were making their way to the Pacers practice court on Saturday, Howard turned down the hallway that leads to the Pacers locker room, asking – and cussing – where he could find Stephenson.

“Tell him I’m going to (expletive) him up,” Howard said to Dahntay Jones, Paul George and another Pacers employee.

Howard was upset at Stephenson for his actions during the one minute he played in the Pacers’ blowout victory in Game 3.

Here is the video.

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