IHateJJRedick.com Interviews JJ Redick

One of the great things about sports blogs are the non traditional names. Cosbysweaters, Sharapova’s Thigh, Hugging Harold Reynolds and etc.

Even BSO has a double meaning, beyond the obvious the Black signifies the opposite, the alternative angle. Also represents the Villain. The Villain was always more interesting to me than hero. I never wanted to be liked, I wanted to be interesting, there is a difference.

So, the slow clap goes out to IHateJJRedick.com for actually getting JJ Redick to do an interview. Also props to JJ Redick for not taking himself too seriously and actually reading the site (which has nothing really to do with JJ Redick) which is very good by the way.

Go check out the interview you will like it, especially the part about Redick’s rap album. Here is a little snippet of Redick talking about the Dwight Howard fiasco.

Without getting into details what impact, if any, did the Dwight Howard/Van Gundy situation have on the rest of the team this season?

J.J.: Our season has been DEFINED by the drama surrounding Dwight and subsequently, the Dwight/Stan relationship. And that’s unfortunate because I think we have had some good moments as a team and have a chance to make a run in the playoffs but the entire situation has been an emotional and mental drain on a lot of people.