JR Smith Shows Off Sneaker Closet…Warren Sappish (Photos)

He and Warren Sapp are going to have in a lot in common it appears.

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One thought on “JR Smith Shows Off Sneaker Closet…Warren Sappish (Photos)

  • Thats actually pretty tame… I know guys who have “regular” jobs who have collections like this (300+ sneakers)
    I know it may be alot more shoes, but Im willing to bet his collection may be around 50-100k.

    Most “sneakerheads” buy 5-10 pairs of shoes a year which breaks down to around $1000-1500 a year on shoes multiply that by 5-10 years and bam you have spent 12k on shoes and thats a guy that makes an average salary. so someone making 6 figures or even being a millionaire those numbers can get crazy.

    Look at a rapper like Fabolous, his collection contains more exclusive and rare shoes which equals more money and his rap money is no where near as stable as an athlete, even one who is “broke” like JR.

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