Justin Bieber Rocked a $20k Diamond Fish Necklace With The Money Team (Photos)

I think Bieber can afford it, he is on the real Money Team.

Plus, I have seen many broke athletes weak chains worth far more than this and they are still paying on them today.

Justin Bieber rocked a golden diamond-encrusted fish around his neck at the Mayweather fight on Saturday — and TMZ has learned, the thing cost $20,000!!!

Sources tell us, the 14k gold “koi” fish — designed by celeb jeweler Ben Baller — boasts 14 carats of VVS diamonds all over (supposedly fancier than normal non-VVS diamonds). Even the chain is covered in 12 carats of diamonds.

it’s unclear if the necklace was a gift or if Bieber paid for it himself.

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