Kordell Stewart Announces His Retirement…Wait…What?

I am so confused by this.

At first I thought I was being PUNKED, but then realized it was a real press release.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart retired on Wednesday, seven years after last stepping on an NFL field. Stewart, 39, said he needed closure in his life, according to The Associated Press. He plans to signed a one-day contract with the Steelers before “officially” stepping away from the game. Stewart had himself an interesting career, briefly becoming a sensation in the late ’90s when his positional versatility earned him the nickname “Slash”. Bill Cowher used him as a quarterback, running back, wide receiver and kick returner, and Stewart was a legitimate threat for some strong Steelers teams.

I guess Slash was using the “Legally Dead” rules.

If you go missing for 7 years even if there is no body you are declared dead. Since Kordell hasn’t been seen on a NFL field for 7 years, we can now officially lay his career to rest.

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