Lamar Odom Won’t Receive His Share of Mavs Playoff Money

The saddest thing about the whole Lamar Kardashian situation is if Lamar truly embraced being part of the Mavs he was the exact type of player they needed to make another strong playoff run.

Instead he sank their battleship, so I am not surprised they voted not to give him his playoff share.

They should give it to Delonte West who despite being crazy, was a welcomed addition to the team and who played very well.

After getting swept by the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Mavs season is officially over. The team voted on the playoff shares and Odom will not be getting his.

Odom will be out roughly 14,000 dollars in the exchange. That is a pretty big chunk of change to have to leave behind. Then again, no one in their right mind thinks that Odom did enough to warrant anything else from Dallas. The man basically tanked the season and was a distraction all year.

One thought on “Lamar Odom Won’t Receive His Share of Mavs Playoff Money

  • The question I wanna know is, why does he think he’s going to be picked for the Olympics in London?

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