Magic CEO Says They Will Either Sign Dwight Howard Long Term or Make Some Decisions


What was the whole point of Dwight signing his non opt out clause?

The Magic still got bounced from the playoffs, Dwight is hurt, Stan Van Gundy is annoyed and the Magic are in a worse situation than they were at the trading deadline.

I asked Magic CEO Martins if he’ll trade Dwight Howard: “We’ll cross that bridge when it comes to it…#1 goal is to get him to sign ext.”

Magic CEO Martins told me on camera Dwight Howard needs to sign long term extension or “necessary decisions will be made.”

Magic CEO Martins wants long term extension from Dwight Howard” so we don’t go through a season like we went through this year,” he told me.

The Magic can’t trust Dwight Howard. He is going to say fire Stan Van Gundy and others demands before he will sign a long term extension and then guess what he isn’t going to do?

Not sign the extension.

The Magic need to stop being the woman in this relationship and make a stand. Tell him to either sign the deal or he will be traded point blank.

Man up.