Miami Dolphins Lydon Murtha Has an Incredible Muscle Sleeve Tattoo

We get our share of bad tattoos around here. But this one may be one of the coolest ones we have ever featured.

Last year when I as covering Miami Dolphins training camp, a mountain of a man walked by me with one of the most elaborate tattoos I had ever seen. Tackle Lydon Murtha’s left arm is a full sleeve showing the muscle like the skin had been ripped off. Thankfully, a decent picture has finally emerged showing off just how cool this tattoo is. The detail and coloring is amazing and it just looks like a tattoo an offensive lineman would have.

It is also believed that he was going to tattoo his right arm to make it look like a bionic replacement. As soon as we get word on that we will pass it along.

[h/t @Checkandmate]