Miami Heat Employees Wearing Udonis Haslem “UD40” Bandages for Game 5 vs Pacers

The Miami Heat have a way of establishing bandage related trends, so you cant fault the team for trying to see if this Udonis Haslem bandage grows legs. In honor of the team captains injury that required a humongous bandage over his right eye, Heat and American Airlines Arena employees will be sporting the above bandage as a tribute.

It has been no secret that Udonis Haslem has been nowhere near himself this season and has been downright horrendous. But after he hit 4 of 5 shots in the fourth quarter of game 4 after taking an elbow from the Pacers Tyler Hansbrough that needed stitches, it makes sense that the team would want to embrace it as a “rally squirrel” moment.

And of course, the team can also sell these for $3.95 in the team shop and make a little money.

Its not the first time the team would try to bank on a facial bandage. Plus, they already have somebody who will give them free publicity.

[h/t Dave Hyde of @davehydesports]

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