Miami Marlins Giancarlo Stanton Breaks Scoreboard with Grand Slam

Giancarlo Stanton looks like The Rock. He is built like The Rock. But he is only 22 years old and can hit a baseball very very hard.
Today, he came up against Jamie Moyer with the bases loaded down 2 in the bottom of the 4th.

The result? You can see it in the picture above. He broke the auxiliary scoreboard at the new Marlins Stadium. The last time Moyer saw a ball that hard, he needed Metamucil to get rid of it.

The blast was measured at 438 feet and would have left the stadium if the giant doors to the right had been opened. I have been at that stadium and Stanton would have killed one of the Marlins in that Home Run sculpture if he had hit it to the gap.

Fans who hate that thing will probably see it destroyed by a Stanton home run. Its only a matter of time.

The slam was the key to the Marlins 7-4 victory, who have the best record in the league since May 1st.

Apparently, the scoreboard reset itself and is back to normal. It seems like somebody thought of the giant guy with monster pulling power when they put a scoreboard within his reach.

Pic Courtesy of Marlins Nation Top Ten (@MNTopTen)