Miguel Cotto in “Silence Protest” Over Loss to Floyd Mayweather

As always I will rescore Mayweather vs. Cotto when I watch the television replay next weekend, but I am confident my scores will be around the same.

If you were being generous you gave Cotto 4 rounds, he clearly won 2 rounds, Mayweather clearly won 8 and there were two that were close.

The fact of the matter is when Cotto closed the gap after the 8th round, he was blown away in the 9th, 10th, 11th and especially the 12th where he was so dominated it could have been judged a 10-8 round.

It was a good fight, Cotto fought better than most expected, but there is no controversy it was a clear victory for Mayweather.

Very unprofessional of Cotto to blow off both the in ring and post fight press conferences.  Surprising as well because Cotto is known as one of the classiest fighters around.

Here is what Cotto people had to say.

“We disagree with the decision taken by the judges and that’s basically our position,” said Bryan Perez, a friend and spokesman for the boxer.

“Later this week, we’ll make a little conversation with the press to express his feelings that he” said.

Meanwhile, Gabriel Penagaricano, his legal adviser, said the silence is because “is a protest. He is very good. He made a great fight I think he won and there is a disagreement with the decision of the judges but must be respected, but the decision does not reflect what happened there. “

The Puerto Rican boxer was defeated by Floyd Mayweather Jr. last night by unanimous decision in a bout that lasted twelve rounds at the MGM Grand in Sin City.

I scored the bout 117-111 for Mayweather, most had it either that way or 116-112, but it wasn’t close. It was a good fight, there was some drama, but there was no robbery.

If Cotto would have press the action a little more, kept up his jab and closed the show better he might have pulled off the upset.


We shall see.