Mike Vick & Kijafa Frink To Marry at Fontainebleau Hotel in June

As you know I think marriage for athletes is like putting stock in a Lebron hair growing cream, but for full disclosure for some odd reason I think Vick and Kijafa will be ok.

Maybe because Kijafa stood strong when Vick was in jail and the majority of the money was gone.

That was a loyalty test most women would have failed. I think Vick understands that those type of women you don’t let go.

After being engaged for three years Mike Vick finally decided to take that walk down the aisle. Vick proposed to his girlfriend and mother of his two children, Kijafa Frink, in December 2009. The couple will wed on June 30, 2012 in a private location in Miami.

I wish them well and ladies you might want to check out Kijafa’s store PNKElephant.