Model Jenna Shea Has a Message For Alleged Choker Lakers Jordan Hill


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If you know a certain section of a highway is always patrolled by police and you speed anyway, who is at fault the cops or you?

When athletes thirst for a certain section of females, they can’t be shocked when something like this happens.

You run red lights eventually you are going to get burned.

Women have been the downfall for men since Eve made Adam eat that apple. Ms. Shea didn’t hold her tongue about how she feels about Jordan Hill.

Stiletto Jill always says that athletes are the biggest groupies off all especially for reality show and model chicks, then they are shocked when those women who entire life is a hustle embarrass them publicly. It doesn’t matter if what she is saying is true or false, Hill should have never put himself in a situation to be spoken about.

I don’t know if Jordan Hill chokeslammed his lady (Police Report Says Jordan Hill Choked His Girlfriend Darlene Luna (Download Document), but what I do know is that he needs to pay attention to the women that he has around him.

Because it is one thing to have to handle a little Twitter slander, it is totally another thing to spend 10 years in jail, because you are trying to floss and strong arm your multiple ladies.

25 thoughts on “Model Jenna Shea Has a Message For Alleged Choker Lakers Jordan Hill

  • Is Darlene Luna an escort friend of hers? If not, then why is she mad?

  • Is she saying that she’s a hoe? (Not that there’s anything wrong with it) If Jenna is a str8 up hoe and I had the money I would definitely pay to tap dat….most def

  • Why oh why do blogs give this two-dollar prostitute any shine?

    Jenna Shea is worthless. She will say anything and lie to get on blogs so she can increase her twitter followers inorder to promote her prostitution to all of the thirst men that follow her.

    I find it incredible that anyone would even associate with her considering the way she represents herself.

    She talks like trash and is utter filth. Any man that is interested in such scum is exibiting their character as less than.

    Yuck, that “hoe” is infested!!

  • I f*cked that whore for $200. It was wack. She thinks she is a celebrity. LOL. She is over priced and over photoshopped. Don’t waste your time or money.

  • Jenna’s PUNK ass needs to get stompted out. That fake booty hoe is a tramp trying to get noticed by calling real celebs out. Who does that? She wants to be Kat Stacks, but one day she is going to get paid for the dirt she is doing. BTW her prostitution reviews on TER are terrible.

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