NBA Refuses To Suspend Dwyane Wade..Hypocrisy Wins Again

Jason Smith, NBA nobody runs into the side of flopping Blake Griffin.  Immediate rejection and 2 game suspension.

Dwyane Wade, NBA superstar of the Miami Heat elbows Darren Collison a solid but no name player in the back. No ejection, no suspension.

You think think the NBA is an even playing field for all players and teams?

“The NBA will not upgrade or further punish Dwyane Wade for his flagrant foul on Darren Collison last night,” reports ESPN’s Brian Windhorst on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “NBA Refuses To Suspend Dwyane Wade..Hypocrisy Wins Again

  • Are you surprised? This is a debate on both sides and he doesn’t want to punish the Heat during the playoffs. The NBA should have at least a one game suspension for that hard foul. This league is so biased it’s not funny.

  • Funny how no one is talking about the clear elbow to LBJ’s face by Granger with no foul call at all. Hater are going to hate.

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