Phil Mushnick Emailed a Reader “Shouldn’t You Be Shooting Up a College Campus”

This guy isn’t prejudice, he doesn’t stereotype, he is just to righting the injustices of that villain Jay Z and what not.

That is what Phil Mushnick wants you to believe, unfortunately for him it isn’t true.

Deadspin is on the case.

After Phil Mushnick of the New York Post had written something about Don Imus a few years back, a man named Iain wrote Mushnick to tell him he was “constantly rude, insulting, and just generally a miserable person that does nothing but complain.” Several days later, this was the reply Iain received:

Subject: RE: Imus
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 10:32:01
From: Phil Mushnick
To: Iain

IS – Shouldn’t you be out shooting up a college campus, or something? I didn’t write that Imus should be fired. In fact, you moron, I wrote the opposite. Now get lost and stay lost.

(The shootings at Virginia Tech occurred on April 16 of that year.)

That Phil Mushnick he is so sensitive to the ignorance of society.