Photos: Wanetta Gibson Who Falsely Accused HS Star Brian Banks of Rape & Destroyed His Life



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This is the face of EVIL!!!

We chronicled yesterday the story of Brian Banks (Former HS Football Star Brian Banks Spent 6 Years in Prison for Rape Didn’t Commit).

What bothered me the most and there are a lot of things that bother me about this story is she never apologized.  She never said, I am sorry for lying and destroying your life.

All she said was that she wanted to “let bygones to be bygones”. 

She didn’t even have the guts after she admitted she lied to go to prosecutors because she didn’t want to give back the $1.5 million she stole from the school district for lying.

Just listen to Banks tell the story.

Thank god his defense team secretly taped her admitting that she lied about the rape or he still would have this hanging over him.

It just makes your angry that someone can do this type of thing and get away it. As of right now Gibson is still walking free and living off the $1.5 million she and her mother won in a lawsuit.

Banks has cleared his name, but he can’t get the 10 years back he lost.

Just try to remember when you were 17 and then when you were 27. How much did you change? How much of your life would be missing if someone took those years away from your.

Wanetta Gibson is evil woman with a black heart.

Besides destroying Banks life, she has hurt the credibility of every future rape accuser going forward. Rape is a serious charge and men who commit it should be thrown under the jail, but with women like Gibson out there it will always be doubt about these claims.

Just a terrible story and I hope someone goes after Gibson for all the money and possessions she has left and any criminal charges they can levy against her.


  1. FINALLY! Someone has come out and told the truth about this evil witch! I still can’t fathom how and why he went to jail with no evidence! I’m glad he is free and I truly hope he can gain his mental and emotional strength back.

    • His lawyer forced him to cop a plea because the lawyer was afaid he’d get 40 years if it went to trial and Banks got convicted.

  2. I feel that there is more to the story. Banks did say there was making out and groping in the staircase. If he was over the age of 18 and she wasn’t, I could see some legal foul play going down. Nevertheless, this whole thing is stupid. He needs to sue HER ass and have her locked up.

    These slimy ass politicians and law makers need to take a deep look at these type of cases. Anyone who falsely accuses another person of crime(s) need to deal with the consequences. A couple years ago, a student knowingly had sex with 5 guys in a bathroom. She didn’t want to be labeled as a wh0re so she claimed rape. Of course the accuser later recanted her story.


    • You didn’t read the post correctly! He was 16 years old at that time! Teenagers, past and present, have made out in high school, but the girl went to far by accusing him. Nine times out of ten, she liked him and he really wasn’t into her the way she wanted him to be!!!!!

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