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Photos: Wanetta Gibson Who Falsely Accused HS Star Brian Banks of Rape & Destroyed His Life

by Robert Littal | Posted on Friday, May 25th, 2012
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This is the face of EVIL!!!

We chronicled yesterday the story of Brian Banks (Former HS Football Star Brian Banks Spent 6 Years in Prison for Rape Didn’t Commit).

What bothered me the most and there are a lot of things that bother me about this story is she never apologized.  She never said, I am sorry for lying and destroying your life.

All she said was that she wanted to “let bygones to be bygones”. 

She didn’t even have the guts after she admitted she lied to go to prosecutors because she didn’t want to give back the $1.5 million she stole from the school district for lying.

Just listen to Banks tell the story.

Thank god his defense team secretly taped her admitting that she lied about the rape or he still would have this hanging over him.

It just makes your angry that someone can do this type of thing and get away it. As of right now Gibson is still walking free and living off the $1.5 million she and her mother won in a lawsuit.

Banks has cleared his name, but he can’t get the 10 years back he lost.

Just try to remember when you were 17 and then when you were 27. How much did you change? How much of your life would be missing if someone took those years away from your.

Wanetta Gibson is evil woman with a black heart.

Besides destroying Banks life, she has hurt the credibility of every future rape accuser going forward. Rape is a serious charge and men who commit it should be thrown under the jail, but with women like Gibson out there it will always be doubt about these claims.

Just a terrible story and I hope someone goes after Gibson for all the money and possessions she has left and any criminal charges they can levy against her.

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  1. coco shanelle says:

    FINALLY! Someone has come out and told the truth about this evil witch! I still can’t fathom how and why he went to jail with no evidence! I’m glad he is free and I truly hope he can gain his mental and emotional strength back.

    • bjorn14 says:

      His lawyer forced him to cop a plea because the lawyer was afaid he’d get 40 years if it went to trial and Banks got convicted.

  2. D... says:

    I think the only thing left for her to do is kill herself.

  3. A.C says:

    I feel that there is more to the story. Banks did say there was making out and groping in the staircase. If he was over the age of 18 and she wasn’t, I could see some legal foul play going down. Nevertheless, this whole thing is stupid. He needs to sue HER ass and have her locked up.

    These slimy ass politicians and law makers need to take a deep look at these type of cases. Anyone who falsely accuses another person of crime(s) need to deal with the consequences. A couple years ago, a student knowingly had sex with 5 guys in a bathroom. She didn’t want to be labeled as a wh0re so she claimed rape. Of course the accuser later recanted her story.


    • Erno says:

      He was 16 at the time

    • MsDeeDee2U says:

      You didn’t read the post correctly! He was 16 years old at that time! Teenagers, past and present, have made out in high school, but the girl went to far by accusing him. Nine times out of ten, she liked him and he really wasn’t into her the way she wanted him to be!!!!!

    • brraaa says:

      he was 16 years old…

  4. that dude says:

    Maaaaan if I was dude I would machete her thumbs forcing her to drink like a kid holding them cups with 2 hands for the rest of her life

  5. B Honest says:

    The Court system has shown that it is biased and incapable of serving justice. This is the effect of feminism in the courts. if you’re accused not proven guilty just accused you’re going down. The pendulum must swing the right way. Women lie on men all day complete with crocodile tears. She got 1.8 million dollars and they should demand that it be returned. Always about the money. Young Men out there be very careful these Feminazi Judges and Lawyers are out there in a Court room near you just waiting to say you’re Guilty before you can be heard.

    • coptic777 says:

      Brother you get it!

    • RDH says:

      I agree…and she will not be held accountable for her actions…yet he was punished on her word alone…NO EVIDENCE> Shame on the prosecutors too. And now they won’t go after her…shame!

      • Politically Incorrect says:

        This is a form of racism. Is it not racist to bring charges against someone who deserves it simply because she is black?

        Racism works both ways, and in this case the laws are being ignored in California because of the evil-doer’s race.

    • john willow says:

      Don’t make a fool out of yourself, “B Honest.” This has nothing to do with feminism. It has to do with prosecutors who want to put notches in their belt to get re-elected and will subvert justice to get a conviction. Of course Wanetta Gibson should be charged and ordered to pay back the money she fraudulently collected. For that matter, the prosecutor should be disciplined or even disbarred (which will never happen). But this has nothing to do with many women who get raped and can’t prove it, or give up because the system intimidates them. By your use of the word “feminazis” I deduce that you are one of the empty-headed morons who worship Rush Limbaugh. Keep your stupidity to yourself.

      • coptic777 says:

        John your a mangina. First of all it was feminist who got the so called “rape shield” laws put in place notice none of the main stream media will show her face? Why do you think that is? because womens groups would jump up & cry murder. Family court laws are ALL based on feminist researchers which have turned out to be FALSE you know the idea of “deadbeat dads” being rampant. I suggest you google “Post divorce wealth gap was wrong author agrees” Also these quotes from seasoned prosecutors : That false allegations are a major problem has been confirmed by several prominent prosecutors, including Linda Fairstein, who heads the New York County District Attorney’s Sex Crimes Unit. Fairstein, the author of “Sexual Violence: Our War Against Rape,â€? says, “there are about 4,000 reports of rape each year in Manhattan. Of these, about half simply did not happen.”

        Craig Silverman, a former Colorado prosecutor known for his zealous prosecution of rapists during his 16-year career, says that false rape accusations occur with “scary frequency.” As a regular commentator on the Bryant trial for Denver’s ABC affiliate, Silverman noted that “any honest veteran sex assault investigator will tell you that rape is one of the most falsely reported crimes.” According to Silverman, a Denver sex-assault unit commander estimates that nearly half of all reported rape claims are false.

    • Eagle Eye says:

      Exactly. RIDICULOUS rape allegations are enabled because of the man-hating atmosphere, that was most definitely created by lesbian feminists (aka “feminazis”).

      In our society, any exhibition of masculinity in males is condemned, while masculinity in females is celebrated. Is it any wonder so many males in our society have become feminized??

    • JW says:

      “The Court system has shown that it is biased and incapable o serving justice”….Right on the money!! that is why this happened to begin with!!…the Law: biased and incapable…absolutely!!!

  6. Serah says:

    How come the almost $2M is left with the wrongdoer in this case? That should automatically be ordered to be paid in compensation to the innocent victim. How come she is being let walk away with no penalty?

  7. Moongold says:

    Wonder if she was paid by people wanting to stop his promising career? Whatever, he should be more than compensated for the years lost when his NFL career could have been easily realised. Those years can’t be regained.

  8. Mr. Reason says:

    It was about money, it was always about money. Kids, parents(grown folks) and a chance for someone to get money. It’s time to make a change.

  9. nujaz says:

    in the words of my own mother…”women can be extremely dangerous….. beware”

  10. guilty says:

    she should sent to jail for been a liar ass dumb girl just mess up his life for nothing if she would of want that much money she should of just gone put a mini skirt and gone to the street thats really mess up she should be sentence to those 5 years of sentence that BANKS had to pass threw see how that feels!!

    • nessa says:

      @ guilty aww man you can’t spell to save your life.i’m really hoping you are 10yrs old and not an adult because this would be pretty sad. anyway yea she should be held accountable for her lies. i truly feel bad for him.

      • Spatcher says:

        You’re going to point out spelling flaws when you can’t punctuate or start sentences with capital letters? You should worry more about your own flaws and trying to correct them.

  11. Rick Black says:

    I am not a “fan” of black culture-I would probably have been one one of those jurors who would automatically assume the young man was guilty JUST because he was a “large black man”, and I am now all the more shamed for that. I am enraged, sickened and pissed off beyond words at what has happened to this guy!! NO fate imagined could be too terrible for this piece-of-shit douchebag bitch who ABSOLUTELY RUINED THE LIFE of this innocent young man! Just TELL me how I can have some kind of positive on the ultimate outcome of this whole tragic mess-whether it’s donating to Brian Banks personally to help him in his long climb back to normalcy, or to contribute to the legal fund that will be used to PROSECUTE, CONVICT, CONFISCATE HER ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH, OR anything she has acquired because of it-SOMETHING! Give us a website so those of us who DO want to do SOMETHING can go “proactive” on this! I wish you nothing but the best from here on out, Brian!….and as for YOU, Ms. GIBSON,PLEASE have a totally miserable existence from this point forward, hopefully culminating in an excruciatingly painful, incurable terminal disease that drags on for YEARS!!!!

    • Jake B. Ballin says:

      Rick Black – you’re just as bad as her, assuming that he’s automatically guilty. That’s so lame. As long as one of the blacks is bad, you’re happy. Take your comment and stick it up your a$$. I’m not black or anything, but I just can’t stand people like you.

      • bs says:

        jake b ballin…did you actually read rick blacks comment he said he is ashamed and he now wants to help mr. banks get his life back to normal…this is just a sad sad case and something should be done the accuser because she stole from the school district and ruined a young man’s life…i wish brian banks all the best and i hope an NFL would give him an opportunity

        • Tt says:

          That is an ugly way to look at a group of people. I read everything Rick wrote and while I appreciate his honesty, I detest what he’s being honest about. There was a time when white women who got caught “making out” with black men screamed rape when they got caught. I don’t feel any different about the whole race because of one or two people. That is ignorant and the comment was bound to receive some kind of backlash comment. Truth is truth. It’s not right! She will pay for what she’s done. One way or another……believe me!

    • Spatcher says:

      Very well said!!

  12. Bama says:

    can any one find her FB so i can go personally blast on her!!!!!!!!

  13. RDH says:

    She looks like punk trash…she owes all of us for her behavior…She will someday stand before a righteous God…unless she does some major repenting and changing and pays back to everyone involved, I wouldn’t want to be her on that day!

  14. RDH says:

    And the face of MAJOR UGLY!

  15. todd says:

    I’d rape & murder her in a heart beat.

  16. matt says:

    it doesn’t matter what they believed, juries are ordered to uphold the law with malice and only issue judgement according to facts or lack thereof. not to mention there is a screening process in actual selection. the public defender was straight up lazy and forced her own narrow mind on a promising young career. she has as much repenting to do as Ms Gibson. God bless this still young man, I pray for him to have peace and reject this wicked plot against his eternal soul. I pray he receive everything he could have from the beginning times 100. in the Name of Jesus.

  17. Deon says:

    That piece of ghetto trash hood rat will end up killing herself or die from drinking too damn. Hood rats have short life spans. The stress of people bashing her, the fact that she once had 1.5 million dollars and has nothing to show for it, and etc will cause to increase her drinking habit. It’s a matter of time before people start showing up at her apartment and calling her out for what she did. The cops aren’t going to give a crap about anyone harassing her. No one cares about that hood rat. We can harass her on facebook and I know someone is working over getting her phone number.

    • Black Bella says:

      Find out where she lives and stand outside her house with signs chanting “Liar, Liar”.

      Hope Brian changes his mind, sues those stupid lawyers and this ghetto tramp.

  18. mike says:

    what a piece of human excrement she is. it does not get much worse than this.

  19. Justice Seeker says:

    Someone should rape and kill that nasty fucking ho for real. Put it on YouTube as a lesson/deterrent for the rest of the nasty lying cunts out there who might be tempted to ever do this.

    • Great says:

      If she is raped, the rapist wouldn’t be convicted.

      After that stunt she pulled, a defense attorney would just say she lied once, she’s lying now.

  20. Karma says:

    If the State won’t serve justice, the victims of her crime should seek it for themselves:

    Here are some addresses where the bitch might be located so that can be done:

    2315 Earl Ave, Apt 301
    3370 Adriatic Ave, Apt 2A
    2315 Earl Ave, Apt 304

    All in Long Beach.

    Oh yah…Try to get our fucking money back too!

  21. Levon Steinberg says:


    • Pissed off says:

      Now her information is posted. We need to protest in front of her home and demand justice and for the city of Long Beach to get their money back or for her to do 1.5 million dollars in community service.

  22. Long Beach, Get your money Back says:

    Wanetta D Gibson
    3370 Adriatic Ave
    Long Beach, CA 90810

  23. L.J says:

    Crazy thing is I went to school with this chick she was always around boys letting them touch on her and feel her up! My mom knows her mom and we always see them in long beach. Her mother is on drugs and owes many of the drug dealers money. Thats super sad!Where is all the money gone to? She let her mom smoke it all up! Pray for her because she needs it. She is going to jail 4 LIFE …

    • Long Beach, Get your money Back says:

      I don’t care if her mom bought sex with it.

      This is a prime example of why eugenics needs to be put in place. Some folks shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. Now Wanetta is going to grow up to just like her mom, and her kids are going probably going grow up to be just like her.

      Wanetta D Gibson
      3370 Adriatic Ave Apt 2A
      Long Beach, CA 90810

      This drain on society needs to be dealt with.

  24. chris says:

    It’s just too sad of what people will do just to make money, if wanetta and her family could be this heartless to ruin this man future i believe they don’t deserve any bit of freedom. Even if the law doesn’t get them, I pray they will never be free in their entire life. It’s high time we need to respect our race cos life is not all about money. Man get back to your feel and I pray the lord will strengthen you and take you to that desired goal he has set aside for you.

  25. Truther says:

    So, does this count as “Black on Black” crime?

  26. Long Beach, Get your money Back says:

    She won’t get any peace. Even heartless hood rats have a breaking point where they commit suicide.

  27. theo says:

    Wanetta Gibson,this should be the face of conartists. She ruined an innocent person’s life just so she and her mother could get some money. I read they aren’t expected to pay the money back which is fucking stupid. They got money they didn’t deserve and need to be taken to court over the matter. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. This bitch and her mom are evil and need to pay back what they stole.

  28. Mr. Asia says:

    There is only one way to handle Wanetta Gibson and her mother. Bring them both to the Long Beach courthouse. Strip both females butt naked.Allow Brian Banks to use a rusty bladed knife and perform a double mastectomy on the breasts on both females.

  29. simbibeauty says:


  30. amster says:

    You guys live in a shit country – the accuser should go to prison for a very long time – and until that happens, your entire justice system is a big fat joke.

    • K says:

      They don’t have any proof, just that tape, but probably they can’t use it cause she didn’t know she was being taped. And now that she’s saying that he bribed her to say that, she won’t admit to it. I hope they are talking to other people though, maybe she told a friend she lied and that friend will tell on her now.

    • wsshep says:

      Another foreigner upset that we OWN the world.

  31. K says:

    The school oughtta sue her now to get their money back. 1.5 mil! I bet they could use that for some school kids right about now.

  32. Big Wave says:


  33. N says:

    Please take some courses on writing articles. Your grammar and style are atrocious.

  34. a says:

    What a b!tch!!!

  35. Robertqa says:

    Wanetta,you are one nasty excuse of a woman! I hope charges are brought up against you and you fry in JAIL for what you did to an innocent young man. Your also one ugly woman!!!

  36. ipso_facto says:

    THIS IS NOT ABOUT FEMINISM. It’s about a dishonest young woman and a justice system that cares more about moving cases through the system than really caring about whether someone is innocent or not. The sad thing is, both the attorney and Banks fell into the trap of racism. The attorney didn’t think Banks had a chance despite the incredibly weak legal position of Gibson because he was a BLACK MALE. And Gibson believed her!!!! I’m 99 percent certain that if it did go to trial with a jury, although it would’ve cost the state more, at least this poor man would not have lost so many years of his life. Actually, in the end, the state lost more money due to its carelessness (1.5 million). I’m angry at the defense attorney. Didn’t Banks’ mother PAY her? She must have been super greedy to try and get it all over with as quickly as possible.

  37. John says:

    Look at her. I mean really. That’s already part of the punishment.

    But to really bring down justice on her, she already blew away the tax payers’ money she “swindled.”

    She’s got 2 kids she can’t provide for. She’s on welfare.

    Most of all, her name and face is all over the internet now.

    She’s already in hell. Good thing for her is she’s just too damn stupid to realize that. Ignorance is bliss afterall.

    Banks is too good to mess with this. He is already on to better things. June 7th tryout. Make it happen.

  38. shaunta says:

    thats pretty sad im glad he is a bigger person and wont let anthing else get the best of him evn this.. it may land him back where he started … and thats how sad some females are .she needs to go to jail and he need that 5.5m to time lost.. im sure he would have been a great player. He has forgiven him but she didnt ask. I really want guys and girls to look at this and say IS IT REALLY WORTH IT! her pay back is having a hair line that starts at the back of her ear lobes but she need to review her life and work her ass off to get him to where he should have been if it wasnt for her being a deceitful lying Bitch. Thats not how you become popular.

  39. Me says:

    She should be killed!!! Someone step up and do it!!!

  40. she she says:

    She needs to be prosecuted and sentenced and just like he was

  41. micky says:

    she is fuckly i won’t even rape that bitch i rather self sever.

  42. anne grey says:

    oh my goodness … i just saw this youngmans story on jay leno … thank god he is strong and he believed in god that is what got him threw this horrible nightmare… as far as this ugly ass goat of dog shit she will pay she is already paying … she will never get a real job and that money is probably gone it may take a minute but she will have to repay it he can sue her in a civil sue but i sure he doesnt want to be bothered with that garbage ass dog she will have no peace in life thats why she came forward when she did really sick and shes so stupid ugly dry nasty pathetic

  43. CSMRET says:

    Wow – there is some strong “hate” here for a “girl” who was stupid. While Brian was 16 – let’s think how old she was then, the same or younger. Her parents should be blamed – there is more here than meets the eyes folks – she did not do this alone, she would not have been sophisticated enough. They should be made to return the money – she should be forced to make a public apology, and possibly do some sort of community service or time for falsely reporting a crime. All this talk of really raping or killing is just as ignorant and will not give Brian back the years he lost.

  44. Widdlin C says:

    1.5 mil and she still look like a ghetto trash ho!

  45. European says:

    Public apology is enough, because she was “just a stupid girl”? Shame on you!! If the guy spent 5+ years in prison it’s for the sense of justice alone that would send Gibson to jail as well.

    Or do you defend 16 yr old Banks on the same grounds? I bet you wont. It’s called twisted moral.

  46. lilith says:

    horrifying situation…..and she sure is ugly…..

  47. mohamed says:

    American society is becoming sickening. it is giving women unnecessarily too much freedom, and they often abuse it. While men do all the hard work and take risk in life, women enjoy more freedom than men. Now I want to see her going back to Jail-and make it an example..

  48. Ary says:

    I its pissed my offHow can someone destroy the bright future of someone and not pay for it? Did someone else pay her to lie and destroy all the opportunities that had been given him? Who benefited by him going to jail from the scholarships and football positions that could have been his?????????????????????????????? Authorities have a full hand on this oneBut do they have the guts and the decency to pursuit the truth??????????

  49. Shari12 says:

    You have to wonder how Wanetta feels and what is going through her mind right now! Why did she reach out to him if he had committed such a heinous crime? But let me tell you something Wanetta, if I were Brian I would lock your a$$$$ up for false imprisonment and I pray that he fights you tooth and nail until you are behind bars. That is just plain evil, there is no other words to express what you have done to an innocent 16 y/o child! And if you can do this when you are 16 y/o then there is no telling what you are capable of at 26. If I were the judge in Wanetta’s case I would make sure she does not see the light of day for at least 20 years—long enough for her to ponder her actions.

  50. Jonna Casile says:

    Some really superb articles on this website, thanks for contribution. “A conservative is a man who sits and thinks, mostly sits.” by Woodrow Wilson.

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