Pilar Sanders Says Deion Uses Kids For Media Attention & Fooling Media (Video)



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The gag order has been lifted and everyone is talking or partying in Tracey Edmonds case.

Deion was on Good Morning America to tell his side of the story, so GMA gave Pilar Sanders equal airtime.

Pilar says that Deion isn’t a real man, not a good father, using kids and this situation for media attention.  The truth in all of this is probably somewhere in the middle and we will never know exactly what is going on.

What we do know is the whole thing is being played out in the media and that isn’t good for anyone.

H/T Jocks and Stiletto Jill


  1. This is a very silly case! Pilar needs to take the $1 million and move on. Not to say Deion is golden either but she is letting it be known this is all about the money! If Deion was that bad for all those years why didn’t she leave or get the police involved. She is going to fall flat on her face…..

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