Pilar Sanders Wants $24k a Month in Child Support..Deion Can’t Recall His Income

The good news is that Deion and Pilar came to an agreement about custody of the kids.

That is what is most important.

The interesting stuff though is about the straight cash homie. You could say Deion and Pilar have a bit of a disagreement on money matters.

Deion’s take:

  • Deion Sanders testified he recently just signed new $1M contract with NFL Network. Says he is contacted during football season only.
  • Deion Sanders tells court Pilar took artifacts given to him by Bishop TD Jakes . Deion says he wants them back!
  • Deion Sanders testified he makes at least $7500 a month after all taxes.
  • Deion Sanders testified he doesn’t know how much money he made during 2011 or 2010.

Pilar’s Take:

  • Pilar Sanders asking for a grand total of $24K a month in support for she & 3 kids.
  • Pilar Sanders testifies she believes total value of Sanders estate to be $250 Million.
  • Pilar Sanders says she has no income right now, no money.
  • Pilar Sanders asking for $2K a month for food & restaurant costs. Says she only buys organic produce, free range chicken for kids.
  • Pilar Sanders also asking for $450/mo for personal care, $500/mo for school lunches, $1000/mo entertainment, $750/mo child care.
  • Pilar Sanders says she is looking for jobs. Says her looks are what make her marketable. Says she models, acts.
  • Pilar Sanders says was paid for work on TV shows ‘Single Ladies’ & ‘Football Wives’. Says she considers herself a good actress.
  • Pilar Sanders testified last week her friend, Dee Boswell, gave her $40 for gas.

Truth probably somewhere in the middle.

I doubt Deion is worth $250 million like Pilar says, but I am sure he knows how much he makes a year.

Divorce semantics, similar to a NFL contract negotiation and this is just the child support portion, they haven’t even gotten to the actual separation of property and stuff.

This is better than Cowboys vs. 49ers.

3 thoughts on “Pilar Sanders Wants $24k a Month in Child Support..Deion Can’t Recall His Income

  • He’s sleeping with teenagers and wants artifacts from T.D. Jakes. smh

  • How the can she ask for more money for Entertainment than school lunches? I mean do the kids eat? and are they going out everyday? I mean what entertainment?.. Deion is being Deion, Prime Time, you make 1mil a year but only 7500 Hunddyyy a month after taxes. c’mon son,

  • Hutch… I asked the sam question. A friend of mine who has 3 kids said entertainment can be for school activities and all the crap

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