Police Stop Streaker at Miami Heat Game Who May Have Been Doing it For $10K From Rick Ross

At last nights contentious Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers game 5 that was marred by flagrant fouls and a near beheading, with guys letting it all hang out on the court, Miami police stopped one fan from literally letting it all hang out.

The story from FoxSportsFlorida.com

A Miami police officer confirmed that a man was arrested during the second half of Miami’s 115-83 playoff win over Indiana for attempting to run onto the court wearing a shirt but having no bottoms on. The man was spotted before he could make it onto the playing surface.

The officer said in addition to his streaking ploy, the man made physical contact with another officer, which was described as battery. The man then was hauled off to jail, although specifics were not immediately available on his identity or the exact charges he faced.

A streaker is not a rare occurrence at sporting events (although it is generally reserved for outdoor sports because of possible issues handling the cold climate indoors) the circumstances around this streaker certainly make this a perfect story for the circus that is the South Beach nWo.

A few weeks back, during the Heat vs Knicks series Rick Ross was recorded saying he would pay “10 Stacks” for somebody to streak at the NBA finals wearing an MMG shirt. (You can see the video below)

Now this incident may be totally unrelated, but the report does say he was only wearing a t-shirt and Rick Ross is a such a staple at Miami Heat games you can almost call him Black Nicholson. It stands to reason that this guy may have been trying to get Ricky Rozay’s attention.

Besides the fact that he was arrested, the fan is pretty stupid though. Even if he managed to get on the court to show off his little Popeye Jones, Ross clearly stated that it had to be in the finals. I have watched enough Judge Judy to know that the streakers point would not stand up in court.