Report: Pau Gasol Would Love to Play for the Bulls

Any trade with the Bulls would have to involved Carlos Boozer and I don’t think any team wants Carlos Boozer, but some in Chicago think Pau’s choice would be to go to Bulls.

Could Pau Gasol be coming to Chicago? According to veteran scribe, Sam Smith, the Lakers big man certainly wants to.

The Lakers front office famously tried to trade Pau this season in order to acquire Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets but David Stern and the NBA (who owned the Hornets at the time) nixed the deal. Since then, speculation has swirled about how long Gasol will be in LA and as a result, he hasn’t played nearly at the level that fans had become accustomed to seeing from him.

Seems more like wishful thinking than actually anything going on.
But, be prepared to hear Lakers trade rumors throughout the summer.