Ricky Bobby aka Kurt Busch at Talladega (Video)

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch, or should we say ‘Ricky Bobby’, raced in a special Talladega Nights themed “I wanna go fast” paint scheme that showcased “ME” and the infamous cougar on the hood.

Busch’s girlfriend came up with the idea when the #51 Phoenix Racing car was without a sponsor for the ‘Dega race. Instead of leaving the car blank, she and Busch thought it would be a great idea to promote the Armed Forces Foundation, which she oversees. After getting permission from writer and actor Will Ferrell and Sony Pictures, the Talladega Nights paint scheme was finalized.

Fans that tuned into the #51 car audio during the race also got to relive events from the iconic movie. Busch was referred to as ‘Rick Bobby’, his crew chief as ‘Lucius Washington’, and his girlfriend as ‘Carley’.

There were several “shake and bakes” circulating on race day and Busch’s passenger-side stuffed cougar made for an epic ‘Dega race!