Roy Jones Jr Won’t Retire, Schedules Fight Against Dawid Kostecki in Poland

It is getting harder as I get older to remember a Prime Roy Jones.

I have vague memories of him beating James Toney and then dominating boxing for the next 10 years. I am a boxing historian so I will try to keep those memories in tact.

For the casual boxing fan, most remember Jones having his soul taken by Antonio Tarver and going 6-7 in his last 13 fights over the past 8 years.

He has suffered some brutal knockouts, but he soldiers on either because he needs the money or he has nothing better to do.

Here are the details of his latest fight.

Roy Jones Jr., the former pound-for-pound king who won titles in four weight classes from middleweight to heavyweight, will fight in the cruiserweight division at a contract weight of 185 pounds, the CEO of Jones’ promotional company told from Poland.

Kostecki (39-1, 25 KOs), 30, who counts himself as a big Jones fan, has never faced a top opponent and is unknown outside of his country. The fight is taking place on June 30 because, according to Wirt, Kostecki faces a jail sentence shortly after the bout.

The one division Jones has never won a title in is cruiserweight. Now, even at 43, years past his best and having lost three of his last four fights (two by brutal knockout), Jones is fighting on in hopes of claiming a title in the division.

After Jones (55-8, 40 KOs) defeated John Ruiz to win a heavyweight title in 2003, becoming the first former middleweight champion to win a heavyweight title since Bob Fitzsimmons did it 106 years earlier, his career quickly went downhill.