Russell Westbrook Calls Reporter a “Troll” & Says “No More Questions For You Bro” (Video)

I saw the Tweets about this, but was coming at it with an open mind because…

A- I didn’t know what the question was.

B- I didn’t know who question was from.

C- I didn’t know why Westbrook responded the way he did.

So, let’s go to the tape.

The question quite frankly was a Trolling question that was irrelevant to what had happen in the game. Furthermore, you just don’t ask a player about another player’s money. There is a time and place for those type of questions and that wasn’t it.

It was a reporter from who asked the question. is a very big basketball website, very professional in nature, they should know better. Any time that happens to a website, it makes us all look bad regardless of how big the website is.

Westbrook answered the question pretty well, he could have let it go, but he was being honest. Probably cost the guy his credential going forward and you wonder if he says that if it was a ESPN reporter (they ask dumb questions as well).

Lesson to be learned here is if you are website or online media, you don’t have a lot of wiggle room, so be sure to keep your questions on point.