Serena Williams Says She Has Given Up on Dating, But Not the Booty Photos


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I will tell you a secret.

People shouldn’t date exclusively, they should handle relationships like the NFL Combine.

Bring everyone in for interviews, physicals, workouts and Wonderlic tests.  Then draft them in order of significance.  Maybe you will find a Franchise player or maybe they will be a bust, but you will always have someone ready to come off the practice squad.

Serena should listen to my advice.

The 30-year-old superstar athlete — who has dated rappers Common and Drake – tells Celebuzz that her failed relationships in the past have hurt her so badly, she doesn’t care if she could ever date again. “I have given up on dating,” the 27-time grand slam champion confessed, in an exclusive interview. ”It just hasn’t worked out well for me.”

An emotional and candid Serena added, “I’m a really emotional person. I give my all and everything. I do make mistakes — like every human does — but the last relationship just was too much of a heartbreak for me. I just can’t go through that anymore. It was hard.”


5 thoughts on “Serena Williams Says She Has Given Up on Dating, But Not the Booty Photos

  • Then if she was in a comitted relationship that sucked she would justify cheating cause she wasn’t happy…she’s more than likely a high maintenance diva with a killer booty that everybody wants to tap…..

  • butterface guys just want to hit not marry.

  • Yohhh am available to date Serena 24/7 is she is fine with it 🙂

  • Dammm kool pic 😛

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