Shaq’s Mistress Vanessa Lopez Gets Trial Date in Her Stalking Lawsuit Case

We talk about “ring protection” a lot, but there is also something athletes have called “low expectations protections”.  If we don’t expect much out of them or don’t hold them in high regard, they can pretty much do what they want and no one cares.

Charles Barkley can be caught with hookers, no one cares.  It is actually expected.

JR Smith being arrested during Black Beach Week is more funny than disturbing.

Same goes for Shaq, he is so silly and fun loving, we dismiss his multiple affairs and random threats to his mistresses.  Because we don’t take him seriously, we don’t take the accusations seriously.  That maybe about to change if Ms. Lopez gets her way.

A trial date is set to be scheduled in a lawsuit that was filed against Shaquille O’Neal by his former mistress, Vanessa Lopez, is exclusively reporting.

Lopez filed the lawsuit against O’Neal in Orange County, Florida, for intentional infliction of emotional distress and assault. Lopez says Shaq started harassing her shortly after she told him she thought she was pregnant.

In the suit, Lopez claims she was the victim of a number of scary incidents — most notably a threatening text that Shaq allegedly sent to a friend of his saying, “dis is da numba shut dat b*tch up!”

Lopez says the friend responded with a text saying, “consider it done famo.”

The friend then jumped on a plane to Orlando, Florida, and allegedly texted Lopez before calling her on her cell, sounding “menacing and sinister.”

Compounding matters, there’s a motion filed by Lopez’s attorneys to allow the trial to be televised.

“Vanessa wants the public to know exactly what Shaq did to her and she is looking forward to the day of taking the stand and telling a jury of her peers exactly what happened,” the insider says. “She wants him to be treated just like anyone else, it’s just about the truth, period.”

If the case gets televised that will be a problem for Shaq, since I believe some of the accusations are true. Compounding matters is that Gloria Allred is Lopez’s attorney and she can smell blood in the water.

I am not sure what they are asking for in a settlement, but Shaq might just want to pay, because he has some good gigs going and doesn’t want anything to mess that up.