Sponsors Pulling Ads from VH1 Basketball Wives


Sponsors pulled ads from Rush Limbaugh, so I wouldn’t be overjoyed if you are a detractor of the Almost Basketball Wives. Besides the occasional bottle throwing and pimp slapping the show is harmless.

I wouldn’t want young females to watch it, but that is a parental issue not a show issue.

It is no different than Jersey Shore or Bad Girls Club, the reason these shows get ratings are because they are ratchet in nature.

So, a few sponsors will pull out from time to time and will be quickly replace with others.

Meanwhile, (C.B. Fleet Company) Summer’s Eve feminine products have reportedly pulled out of both BBW and the upcoming “Ev & Ocho.” And Change.org is set to announce a second sponsor who pulled out next week.


  1. Man, you are a journalist. Please use the correct words. Wretched is the word you should have used.
    Wretchedness is spelling wretched as ratchet.
    Ratchet Girl Anthem. smh

    • @ CL2 .. “Ratchet” is a slang word used in the hip hop community .. He used the the word the way he intended it to be used …

      • The “N” word is used in the hip hop community also but I don’t use and he doesn’t either on this site.

  2. I’m happy for anyone making money (especially myself), but this show is over the top, embarassing and makes me cringe.

    At least Rush has a reason (dude is back on those pills, bet on it). It’s headed down the tubes with Jerry Springer.

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