Terrell Owens on Dr. Phil…Bad for Owens, Bad for Baby Mamas..Great Lesson For Men

Nothing that happened on Dr. Phil was good for anyone who appeared on the show. Terrell Owens looked like an irresponsible man who doesn’t see his kids. The women looked like all they cared about was the check clearing.  No matter how many times they talked about Owens’ having a relationship with his kids it always came back to money.

One baby mama Kimber claims T.O. cost her an acting career by getting her pregnant, but she hasn’t worked in 7 years.  She has lived off the million dollars in child support she has received during those 7 years.

Another, Melanie was upset that T.O. can’t afford the $20k a month child support he had been paying. What kid do you know who needs $20k a month to live comfortably?

The women came across as bitter and while they said they aren’t gold diggers they surely act like it.

Regardless of how T.O. feels about the woman, he could be a better father. He makes a lot of excuses, but none of them hold any weight. He needs to do better and the women need to get their own careers and stop being dependent on Owens because there aren’t going to be any more multi million NFL contracts coming.

But, I will say this, any man who watched this should have learned a great lesson. Sometimes you know what you should be doing, but until you see it with your own eyes, you don’t really understand the impact.

Look at this man’s face………

Is that the face you want to have because of 30 minutes of pleasure (maybe 10 for some of us, but I digress).

And this isn’t just the face of a professional athlete.

Many years ago I was in court over an old credit card bill I ran up in college and it happened to be the same court they did back child support cases.

There was a guy there and he owed a few thousand dollars in back child support. He was working and going to school at night. The judge asked him if he had the money when he said no, you know what they did?

They arrested him on the spot and he had the exact same face as T.O. as they led him away.

We joke a lot about the Antonio Cromarties and Dwight Howards of the world, but as I have always said…….

$8 Condoms >>> 25% of your gross income for 18 years

Eddie Murphy warned us.

7 thoughts on “Terrell Owens on Dr. Phil…Bad for Owens, Bad for Baby Mamas..Great Lesson For Men

  • Bruh, he looked STRESSED that entire episode.

  • The women did not seem bitter. You can tell they want nothing more than for their children to have a father in their lives. Plus, TO was the one who brought up the child support, bc he only wants to see the kids when he wants to. When he wants to see the kids he wants the women to pay for it not him.

  • Sorry but T.O. came out smelling just as rank as all the baby mamas. These women are greedy money grubbers, who all saw dollar signs and got pregnant to get paid. Now T.O. should see his children on a regular basis. But think about having to deal with all that drama every time you call to see your child. I’m not saying it’s right but I do understand. You do what you know, so hopefully Dr. Phil will help him in his journey of becoming a better father to his children. But he is NOT a deadbeat dad. Just want to say to these chicks, “you picked him!” in my Judge Judy voice. lol

  • He had to have terrible lawyers to get stuck payin 20k a month… When he was at his best making a certain amount of money, he probably was like, “give them whatever, I got it.” He should have been fighting then like he’s fighting now. My parents combined income was about 95k a yr, me and my sister never wanted for anything, we had some hungry nights but I don’t ever remember any lights being cut off. Regardless if somebody is a pro football player or not, there is no reason they should be paying 20k a month in CHILD support. If these women get a JOB and were also given 5k a month in support– 60k a yr, then their children should be easily taken care of. The dollar amount almost always seems to be connected to the level of hatred or bitterness the woman has towards the man, or simply the highest amount she can get. Now there is no excuse for T.O. to not have seen one of his children for a yr, he should be active in all of his kids lives, especially since he’s not in the league anymore. Sadly, most of the time its all about the money with these women…

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