Terrell Owens on Junior Seau: “I’ve Been in That Situation, Where You Feel Like Giving Up”

Terrell Owens who has had two cases where he almost overdosed on medication, probably can give a better perspective on the Junior Seau tragedy that most.

While he claims both incidents were accidents only he really knows that.

He has spoken in the past about dealing with depression and the burden of losing almost $80 million over the years. Now, he is out of football, trying to get his finances in order while hoping for another shot in the NFL.

Here is what T.O. had to say.

“We just lost an icon in the football world with Junior Seau. Nobody knew what he was going through. Last night I was up late going through my Twitter and I saw the interview with Marcellus Wiley who was a great, dear friend of Junior. Nobody knew, nobody knows what people go through, man. Nobody knows. It’s unexplainable. My heart goes out to his family, dude. I went through it dude, I saw his mom’s interview. Dude, that’s gut-wrenching to know a mom has to go through that. Honestly dude, I’ve been in that situation where you do feel like giving up because nobody understands the world that you live in. Nobody knows the things that you go through on a day to day basis.”

On being at that breaking point:

“I think there’s a lot of people that have been at that point. Me, other players. People look at us as invincible beings when we’re playing such a macho game. A game that we play as kids but we’re playing as grown men. And nobody understands that. Who knows what Junior was going through. Who knows.”

3 thoughts on “Terrell Owens on Junior Seau: “I’ve Been in That Situation, Where You Feel Like Giving Up”

  • “You just don’t know! You Just don’t know!”
    We hear this all the time from Rich Mofo’s, but you never hear them really state what they problem is…80 Million or 200 Million is more than enough money to allow a person to enjoy life and help some people along the way. But no, it seems like every time we in the hood turn around, it’s some rich mofo crying about how unhappy they are. Well fuck! if your that unhappy then GET OUT THE GAME! Not saying that money will always bring happiness BUT SHIT!! It can pay the bills on time, Rich people need to take they ass to church, and stop complaining about every little problem, it’s so fucking ridiculous to hear, especially when your in the hood robbing peter to pay paul and praying to even win 1,000 from the lotto, just to stay current on bills. All I am saying is live ya life, don’t get caught up in the hype and love ya self. Peace! (Real Talk)

    • What does paying bills have to do with it?

      They’re depression stems from lack of competition, fame and a whole host of other issues after leaving the game. You spend your entire life doing something and just like that, it’s over.

      Nothing can replace the rush you get from playing at that high of a level. Even high school and college athletes have trouble dealing with never being able to play again.

      • *Their

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