Tim Tebow’s Lawyers Request Twitpic Be Taken Down Because it Could Tarnish His Image

You see anything wrong with this picture?

It was taking backstage at a Broadway Show “Rock of Ages”.

Have you found anything disturbing yet? Anything that would make you think that Tebow isn’t pure? You might haven’t but Tebow’s lawyers did.

TMZ.com reported that Neka Zang (@neka) posted this picture and then said she was asked to remove the picture of him with half naked women. She didn’t seem to happy about it and clarified that they weren’t strippers. This isn’t the first time that Tebow’s lawyers have requested that something be taken down.

Busted Coverage also reports that Tebow wouldn’t take a picture with Kate Upton because it might hurt his image.

Because busty women in swimsuits who are bad dancers are evil of course.

Tebow’s team is trying really hard to keep his pristine image in tact and while Tebow by all accounts is a good guy, no one is perfect and there will be a time he slips and the sharks will attack.