Unnamed Coach Says Terrell Owens Was Released Because Wranglers are Going Broke

There is a part of me that believes this is true.

Owens was making far more than anyone else on the team and his reputation is so poor, it is easy to say bad things about him and people will believe it.

My only hesitation is the unnamed coach was fired as well, so they might have an Axe to grind.

The Allen Wranglers are going broke … and that’s why the indoor football team suddenly dropped Terrell Owens this week — at least according to one of Terrell’s former Wranglers coaches.

The coach — who didn’t want to be named — tells TMZ, the decision to cut Terrell this week was purely financial, and had nothing to do with the fact T.O. missed a recent team trip to a children’s hospital … as Wranglers President Tommy Benizio told TMZ.

The coach is calling BS because he says Terrell played three games after the hospital visit early this month.

Benizio also said Terrell was cut because of his performance — but T.O.’s ex-coach tells us, Terrell was a star on the team, putting up 10 TDs in 8 games … “a total professional since day one.”

After doing some digging the Children Hospital appearance seemed to be more of a miscommunication than Owens just ditching the appearance.

So, while we all got a quick laugh out of T.O. being released he might have gotten raw deal.