Vernon Davis’ Brother Michael Charged With Murdering a Man With Hammer

A few weeks ago Vernon Davis’ brother was just a suspect in a murder (Vernon Davis’ Brother Michael Suspected of Murdering a 66 Year Old Man With a Hammer).

Now he has been officially charged with murder.

Police say Michael Davis killed 66-year-old Gary Dederichs by hitting him on the head with a hammer on April 24. That was the first of five attacks in the area in which a man fitting Davis’s description hit someone in the head with a hammer. The other four victims all survived but were left with injuries.

On April 26, Davis was arrested by police responding to cries of help from a woman with a head injury. As Davis attempted to flee he threw a backpack that contained a hammer.

What would cause someone to just randomly start attacking people with a hammer is beyond me. It sounds like Michael has some serious mental issues, but if he did what he is being accused of he needs to be thrown under the jail.