Warren Sapp Coming Out With YouTube Reality Show..”Judge Sapp”

When times are tough and you need more money to buy Jordans, you have to make money any way you can.

Warren Sapp doesn’t know if his contract will be renewed with the NFL Network, he has a ton of creditors and baby mamas on his back, so it makes sense he would take this type of offer.

Word leaked this weekend of a production company filming on the set of Judge Sapp, a daytime series just like Judge Joe Brown and Judge Judy. The production company, Onset Productions, posted an advertisement of the taping of the show, which paid it’s live audience $50.00 to sit there for 6 hours.

The description of the show from Onset Productions says “As a studio audience member, you will be watching and reacting to court cases as presiding Judge Warren Sapp decides who is right and wrong. You will be ON CAMERA.”


They would have to come up with a little more than that for me to sit and look at Sapp for 6 hours.

Oh the irony of a guy incorrectly calling out snitches, being a Judge.