WVU Football Players Darwin Cook & Terrence Garvin Arrested For Stealing Doritos


I understand that Doritos are a delicious chip, but not something you want to get arrested for. It isn’t like they are Red Hot Riplets (it is a Saint Louis thing).

Check out what these geniuses were up to.

Police say surveillance footage shows Garvin take a plastic Sheetz bag from behind the counter then Cook allegedly took three bottles of Gatorade and two bags of Doritos. Garvin can be seen swiping a couple of bags of pretzels. The two placed the items in the bag and left the store without paying.

I was getting to hit them with the Smarten Up Nas, but then I remember all the stuff I stole in college, so I am going to hold off on that.

Not that big of deal, slap on the wrist is all that is needed and hopefully it is a lesson learned.


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