49ers Aldon Smith Stabbed At House Party


The good news for Aldon Smith, his injuries aren’t life threatening.

Here is the full statement that was released by the 49ers.

We are aware that Aldon Smith incurred minor injuries during an incident last night. We are in contact with Aldon and thankful that his injuries were not more serious and that he is recovering comfortably. The 49ers are also in communication with local authorities as they gather information regarding the incident, and will reserve further comment at this time.

Smith has had a rough off season as he was arrested for DUI back in January.  This incident seems very similar to the shooting that left two  former Auburn football players dead last month.

In addition to Smith being stabbed, two other people were shot at the same house party. What is unclear is what started the altercation and what was Smith’s role in it.

We do not know if he is an innocent victim or was an aggressor. As more details arise we will keep you updated.


It appears Smith was trying to break up a fight and that is when he got stabbed.

Multiple sources told CSNBayArea.com Saturday evening that Smith sustained minor stab wounds, most likely from a small pocketknife, while he attempted to break up a fight. The location of the wounds are believed to be in his shoulder and abdomen.

Here is a pic from the party.

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