A Groupie Tale: DMs, Baby Mama, Mercedes, $76 Million, Vegas, Arrests & So Much More

Frequently I hear these stories about Groupies flying out to see athletes, being jump offs and what not. I don’t particular care it is none of my business, if that is what they want to do more power to them.

Every once in awhile I will read a story, that gives me the perfect opportunity to point out some of the pros and cons of this type of lifestyle, not just for the athlete but for the groupie.

Balleralert.com has these type of stories up all the time, but this particular one is amusing to me. So, what I am going to do is post the story and I will interject my comments in BOLD, when I think they are needed. Remember this is just the groupie side of the story, no way to confirm anything happened the way she is claiming. If you need good laugh just following along.


I never was the girl to go searching out ball players. Trying to land someone rich so I could spend the rest of my life shopping and partying.

This is the groupie motto. They never ever search out ball player, just sort of happens and they end up sleeping with only athletes. Anytime your start a sentence with “I never was the girl” you are probably the girl you are describing.

I play on twitter and flirt just like any normal girl who tweets a lot. Occasionally I get a celeb or athlete follow me or tweet me. Yes of course it’s exciting and fun. But this whole story started with absolutely having no idea who I was talking to in the first place.

This all started when Charles Johnson, DE for the Carolina Panthers started following me. However when he first followed me and DM’d me, I had no idea who he was. When I asked him who he was, he just said a regular guy who got verified because he had 3K followers. I don’t know why but I believed him and didn’t think much of it. I also didn’t research him either. I visited a friend in Charlotte and was surprised to get a DM from him, asking if I wanted to meet up while I was in town. I told him that I was really busy with friends and if I could find the time I might consider it. He seemed nice enough. Still at this point I didn’t know who he was really. After returning home, I decided one day I was going to look up this person I had been talking to. To my surprise I had just realized I had been talking to the Panther player, who shockingly had just signed a 76 million dollar contract. I was really intimidated after that.

She wasn’t intimidated, she became a lot more interested in getting into those pockets. For the record Johnson will never see all of that $76 million, but $32 million is guaranteed. Groupies need to understand in the NFL only the guaranteed money is what they can count on.

When I asked him if that was who he is, he confirmed it. I had asked him why he didn’t tell me, and he said because he didn’t wanna come across a certain way. I told him things like that didn’t matter. After awhile we exchanged numbers and began texting. It was very apparent that he was attracted to me. He made it very clear in several text that he wanted to have sex with me. He told me he was coming to Miami, where I live, to train and that we would definitely meet up then. I was down for that. But then it became increasingly more intense our conversations and the desire for both of us became too much. He offered to fly me to Charlotte but my schedule just couldn’t comply.

I began noticing that a certain person on his timeline, who would turn out to be his baby’s mom, was posting a lot of stuff about how much she loved this man. When I questioned him about it, he would tell me, just because I take care of her, does not mean that we are together. I had a suspicion that maybe he was lying to me about her. But everytime I asked something, he would insist they were not together. For mother’s day, he bought her not one, but two brand new Mercedes. I thought wow what a good guy, taking care of his baby mama like that.

Now, at this point either she is an idiot or she is looking at the situation glass half full. In her mind if she keeps talking to him, she might get a Mercedes. I am going to guess that is where her head was at.

Fast forward to Memorial Weekend. Here is where the drama unfolds. To make this just plain and simple. The offer was given to be flown out to Vegas for the weekend, I accepted. WOW! A free trip to Vegas, heck yes. I was told to keep in on the low, and that he would tell his friends I was a business partner. First mistake of course I made was even allowing myself to go after that, but it was so amazing to me, I went.

Once again either she is an idiot or cool being the jump off, because hey it is Vegas and like she said who doesn’t like a free trip? I wish Jordin Sparks would make me her jump off and call me her business partner I would love that.

Read these texts, does this someone like someone “IN LOVE”.


Picture 4 of 4

I had disclosed to him that my last trip to Vegas was not a pleasant one as I had gotten extremely sick while there and ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. My boyfriend at the time left me in the hospital. He said he would never do that to me and would take care of me. I was flattered.

When I got there, he said take a cab to the Palms and he’d meet me downstairs and pay for the cab. He didn’t get out there in time so I paid for the cab and went inside. I then met him in the casino lobby and he took me upstairs to the hardwood suite where they had been staying. I was introduced to friends of his and took a tour of the suite. He was very distant and I was worried that maybe I was a disappointment to him, however he knew exactly what I looked like from numerous pictures I sent and some very revealing so there was no mistaken it was me.

As a man if you paid for a young lady to be your jump off in Vegas, would you be disappointment if this showed up at your door? 

When he didn’t pay for the taxi, might have been a hint he didn’t think that much of her.

I texted him to be sure he wasn’t disappointed and he said no he wasn’t. So I chalked his distance to not wanting people to know why I was there. His friends invited me to the pool to hang out and I said ok thinking he would come. But he didn’t. I was really confused. When we got there,, they rented a cabanna, and got bottle service. I remember drinking and having a good time chatting with some of the girls that were there. I took a few shots that I remember. I remember getting in the pool….and that’s IT.

Mysterious memory loss or don’t want us to know what really happened at the pool? You make the call.

The next thing I know, I’m in the back of a police car. Only to spend the next 12 hours in the Las Vegas jail with prostitutes and drug addicts. I had no idea how I ended up there or what had happened. My mind was completely blank. Fast forward to my release, I texted him immediately to find out what happened, He said don’t ever text me again.

If you are the jump off you are basically like an indentured servant, don’t expect any sympathy if something goes horribly wrong or your work is not up to par.

I was so confused. I asked him how I was going to get home, he wasn’t going to send me back but after calling my best friend and having her convince him to get me back home he finally booked me a flight.

Groupie 101, never accept a one way ticket to see anyone, always get round trip.

So the only thing I can get out of him is that I assaulted two girls, and a security guard. Now being that I am NOT a violent person and have never been, I was so confused. What had led up to that point? Why couldn’t I remember anything? What was I mad about? All questions he will not answer and just keeps laughing at me and telling me I did this to myself. Now I would take full responsibility for my actions had I been able to remember anything but I can’t. Not a single thing. I went to the ER the next day after I got home, scared and upset at how something like this could happen. I should’ve went sooner. They drew blood and did drug and toxicology screens which all came back negative. Of course it had been two days. They said if GHB was given to me, it wouldn’t be detected anymore.

She is hinting she was drugged, but the drug GHB commonly known as the date rape drug, doesn’t make you violent, it makes you sleepy. Hence it being the date rape drug. She would be more likely to pass out than beat up anyone.

The more likely scenario was that feeling rejected, she took too many shots and as well all know getting drunk will make your violent.  Probably got into with some people at the pool, security intervened and she thought she was Mike Tyson and got choked out by security. Either she doesn’t remember because she was wasted or because telling the truth wouldn’t make her a very sympathetic figure.

So basically here I am. Charges pending towards me of battery and trespassing. Neither of which I have any recollection of. After being told I would be taken care of and promised nothing would happen to me, here I sit, needing attorney representation and $2500.00. My career will absolutely be ruined if these charges stand. I can’t afford to lose my job. When I text him to find out more answers and try to make him understand that it wasn’t me who knew what they were doing, he just laughs at me.

Cold World….

I’m horrified to know that people can just throw others away like this. I’m nothing to him. And yes we all have to live with our mistakes but I didn’t have control of this one. Now I’m paying for it, because I trusted someone. I care about people so much.

Cared about that $76 million and trying to get that Mercedes.

I never seek to hurt anyone. I always look for the good in people and I just feel so violated. I am not the person that he is making me out to be. All I do is take care of people. I cant afford to live where I live now and will have to move. I’m working as much as I can just to pay for this attorney.

I pray for peace with it but its a lingering burden.

Curious how praying for peace and not messing up someone’s life meant blasting their story out to the public, but I digress.


So, what have we learned today kids?

When your cable goes off, you DM a NFL player, when you DM a NFL Player you find out he signed a $76 million contract, when you find out he signed a $76 million contract you see he is buying Mercedes, when you see he is buying Mercedes you start to “care”, when you start to care you accept trip to Vegas, when you accept trip to Vegas you get rejected, when you get rejected you take too many shots at the pool, when you take too many shots at the pool you try to beat up security guards, when you try to beat up security guards you end up with an assault charge, when you end up with an assault charge you have $2500 lawyers fees, when you have $2500 lawyers fee you tell your story to a groupie site, when you tell your story to a groupie site you get exposed by BSO….

Don’t get exposed by BSO @jennieb_  switch to DirecTV now…..

14 thoughts on “A Groupie Tale: DMs, Baby Mama, Mercedes, $76 Million, Vegas, Arrests & So Much More

  • LMAO…what a story….ole girl was down to go to Vegas and drop those drawers at the drop of a hat….wonder if he hit it….if not then it was a waste of a plane ticket

    • nah, he didnt hit it. he saw her in person and was like this chick is a groupie- the worst kind. one that cant hold her liquor. in this day and age of youtube and cellphone cameras SOMEBODY videotaped that chick, if not just to cover their own ass. especially if she start wildin out.

      • she was/is a rank amateur- you dont drink and loose control THE FIRST DAMN NIGHT you there. the crafty ones let you chase it first. she might as well just went to the bedroom and spread her legs open. blackout drinking…. its 2012, lets be careful out there hoes.

  • LOL after te 2nd lie I was DONE!
    Unless SHE is following him as well she can’t the DM wiill not go through.

  • Although she made plenty of mistakes,
    knowing this guy, having a REAL relationship with his for 2 years, he is JUST WHO SHE SAID HE IS…. a liar, and the money made it 100 times worse.
    No one should fly to vegas with a man she doesnt know especially without a confirmed return flight. but knowing the bullshit he does, this doesnt sound far from the truth.
    i will say this, what is done in the dark ALWAYS comes to light.

  • Women are TOO nice sometimes. “I know some dark deep shit but I don’t have the malice in me to fuck up someone’s life.” Sheeeeit. If I travelled all that way, DIDN’T fuck, and still had dirty. I’d be telling TMZ or Vivd to cut that check. “YOLO”.

  • Good commentary Rob. Post more of these groupie tales.

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