Adam “Pacman” Jones Order To Pay $11 Million For Strip Club Shooting

Pacman doesn’t have a $11 million, so don’t expect them to get their money any time soon.

In the criminal case, Jones accepted a plea deal, but didn’t get off as easily in the civil trial.

NFL star Pacman Jones has been ordered to pay roughly $11.6 MILLION in damages to the victims of a 2007 strip club shooting in Las Vegas … TMZ has learned.

Pacman had been sued by Aaron Cudworth and Thomas Urbanski — two security guards who were shot outside Minxx strip club during an NBA All-Star weekend back in 2007.

Moments ago, a Nevada jury found Jones to be responsible for the shooting and awarded Cudworth $1.3 million in damages. Urbanski — who was paralyzed from the waist down in the incident — got $9.6 million.

Urbanski’s wife sued for loss of marital relations and won $750k.

At the time Pacman pled no contest to misdemeanor conspiracy to commit disorderly conduct — and was sentenced to 1 year probation and 200 hours of community service.

I didn’t know you could sue for “loss of martial relations”, learn something new every day.

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  • They won’t get a dime.

    Sounds like Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code to me……

  • When my girl sues for “loss of marital relations”, she better get 10 billion dollars.

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