Adidas Selling Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in “Nerd Glasses” T-Shirts


You knew it was a matter of time before somebody started making money on the recent trend of basketball players wearing ridiculous accessories. Adidas has started selling T-Shirts with caricatures of Oklahoma City Thunder stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in uniform but wearing their “nerd” glasses, Durant in black and Westbrook in his red Sally Jesse Raphael rims.

If i was an OKC fan I might buy this for my kid, but I would feel pretty ridiculous wearing that. Of course, based on what these guys are wearing lately, what do I know about fashion?

Of course, I do know one shirt I would wear. My BlackSportsOnline DOLLARNAIRE$ T-Shirt came in the mail yesterday and you can be sure to get yours here

This guy was fired, wore the shirt and was quickly rehired. Imagine what miracles it can do for you!

[h/t @tariq_ahmad via @darrenrovell]


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