Bank Trying to Foreclose on Warren Sapp’s Beachfront Condo (Photos)

Nice condo, I can see why Warren is trying to hold on to it, but the bank wants their money.

HSBC bank is on the attack, claiming Sapp — who recently filed for bankruptcy in Florida — owes them $781,879.39 from before his filing. They are asking a judge to allow them to foreclose on his beachfront condo to help settle the score.

The football legend filed a response this week, pleading with the judge to let him keep the fancy digs. Sapp claims he’s still living in it … despite not making payments on it since May 2011.

I wish I could live in a house and didn’t have to pay for a year.

Perks of being a celebrity I guess.

Warren has a weird fascination with bear skin rugs.

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