Basketball Wives Star Jennifer Williams Bentley to Be Repossessed


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Jennifer was fired from the Basketball Wives last week and now they are trying to take the Bentley.  She has had better days.

How long before she claims she is on food stamps and needs $50k a month just because?

The Toyota Motor Credit Corporation in Syosset, NY just filed a lawsuit against Williams, claiming she stopped making payments on her used 2006 white Bentley back in 2009 — and it wants the car back.

According to the lawsuit, TMCC has made several attempts to peacefully repossess the vehicle … but was unsuccessful. Now, it wants a court to FORCE Williams to give back the car.

TMCC is also demanding Williams pay the entire outstanding balance on the car — $92,310.

Here is the crazy part, Williams is trying to get her soon to be ex husband Eric Williams to pay for the car.

Shocking right?

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  • Yo Rob – you need to let people know those pics are NSFW!

  • She got a nice body….

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